Friday, February 21, 2014

Here We Go Again

I've been remiss. This blog started as a way to talk about things in my life without having a specific response frame or real need to revisit them. A chance to vomit the contents of my brain onto a page and then walk away. It served that purpose, but I found it less than satisfying.
I'm an extroverted introvert, as comfortable alone as in groups, but I find the blog I was creating a bit one-sided. Not necessarily in a negative way, but in a somewhat self-indulgent one. I walked away from it not because I didn't have time but because I wasn't sure I needed people to read what I chose to write.
Now I find myself back here filling in the boxes and tweaking the layouts and thinking about things I could write. I've started and failed to maintain so many different "diaries" and "journals," all for some purpose other than just writing because I want to.
Hopefully I can make that transition.